What Type of Test Taker Are You?

By Tina Leger

If you’re a college student, taking tests is an inevitable part of the process. For professors, it’s an important tool used to measure up undergrads’ perception of class materials. For students…well, more often than not, tests are a source of chronic stress, anxiety, and overthinking. 

Understanding what type of test-taker you are can help you look into yourself. See if you’re someone who considers test-taking as a trip to the amusement park or finds it death-like.

Take this quiz to see what type of test taker you are. Be honest. We promise you’ll see yourself in the results.

About the Author

Tina is a freelance writer currently obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She’s a reading addict, a wanderlust soul, an amateur sports fan, and a daydreamer bringing forth a love of writing.

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