Quiz: How Likely Is It that You Need That Essay Writing Help?

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Many undergrads face anxiety when they think they cannot complete papers to achieve their academic purposes. At the same time, anxiety may encourage college and university students to think more critically about how to achieve their goals. What’s your case? Do you bravely overcome these challenges? Or, perhaps, you freeze up in the face of the next essay, term paper, or movie review and surrender? To overcome the freeze response, you must first understand and accept your reaction, know where it is coming from, and not to miss the exact moment when it’s time to approach an essay writer.

Who is this quiz for?

If you’re a busy college or university student, this self-assessment quiz will help you get a better understanding of how you've been feeling recently about a particular assignment. Below is a range of questions designed for undergrads who are experiencing anxiety stuck thoughts. Each question from the list is associated with various mental and physical states typical for an anxiety disorder. With each question and answer provided, think about your feelings and figure out if it’s time to seek professional paper writing help to alleviate the anxiety. Please take your time to check each question carefully, and specify how often you tend to experience the same challenges in your college routine.

Please note that an online quiz is not a diagnostic tool. However, we believe that its results can be a valuable first step to the professional assessment. In addition to looking for licensed online writing assistance, feel free to share your results with a healthcare provider. 

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