The mission of the “Place For New People” Foundation is to create and support communities for the creation and development of a culture for the exchange of experience and knowledge. Focusing on the human need for connectivity and belonging to a society made up of like-minded people with shared knowledge and interests, we encourage people to have the courage to create and not stop forming knowledge and skills through lifelong learning and knowledge sharing.

Our main goal is to create a space that creates a culture of sharing. Everyone has something to learn from everyone, and we urge people not to be subject only to authorities and props, but on the contrary – to spread their knowledge and skills. In our vision of the common knowledge space, how old you are, what experience you have and what you are popular for is somehow secondary. We encourage people to continue learning through know-how, while building a network of relevant contacts.

We strive to involve people and volunteering, to help young people separate their need for knowledge and skills from their material goals, to motivate them to create – ideas, relationships, communities of interests.

In society, we often hear the expression ”I have finished my education.” And often after that we seem to stop developing. Lifelong learning is a concept that began to be perceived in our country relatively recently. Due to this, its development has been extremely rapid, thanks to numerous organizations and volunteers working in this field. All members of our team have had interests in non-formal education for many years, and we decided that it was time to share what we know and know how to do and help others do the same.

Our team, which also includes many volunteers, is developing our online knowledge sharing platform, where they can tell and demonstrate skills and accumulated experience in a chosen form: text, video, photos or a combination of them. Our team makes sure that the general knowledge reaches the widest possible audience and is constantly updated and updated. We apply our many years of experience in the field of education-formal and informal – to meet with those who want to share knowledge, with people who want to learn.

Welcome to the website of the Public Benefit Foundation “Place For New People” with EIC 206804654. The Foundation carries out completely non-profit activities in accordance with its mission and goals of building and developing a culture for the exchange of experience and knowledge.

What we do

The variety of activities we deal with creates many opportunities for everyone who has the desire to learn and develop. A small part of our activities:

We are developing and maintaining an online platform where anyone with knowledge and skills in a particular field can share them with others and contact people interested in the relevant field of knowledge. We help everyone who has decided to share their experience and skills by forming submitted content, organizing it thematically and promoting it on the Internet.

We share knowledge and live – both our own knowledge and experience, and the personalities with whom we work. Events are a key part of our activities, and we organize them regularly, both independently and in partnership with other organizations with which we share part of our mission, vision and goals. At our events, everyone can share their experience or learn something new and useful.

Entrepreneurs are among the most knowledgeable and active people in society .
Entrepreneurs are also among the most actively sharing knowledge on our platform. We cooperate with some of them on various partner projects aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of the next generation of entrepreneurs and supporting them on the difficult path they have taken. Our projects have different forms and expressions, the common thing between them is always the exchange of knowledge in order to develop society and the economy.

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