Join Us For 'More than Food' Lecture

In support of Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW), we are conducting an online lecture about eating patterns and their influence on our body. Right during the lecture we'll suggest making first effective steps towards changing your behaviour and thinking in order to recover from an eating disorder or disordered eating


February 28, 2023. 7pm PST


Online lecture


Students with eating struggles


You missed out!

We Will Discuss How To:

  • develop a healthy relationship with your body & food
  • make first steps to eating disorder recovery
  • reach dietary diversity
  • declare independence from old eating patterns

Also, we will learn strategies to avoid eating anxiety fits.

What You'll Learn

During this one-hour lecture we will give you that kick that will help you "unstuck" from old eating perspectives

Part 1

We will take a quick eating disorder test and take you through the key factors that keep eating disorders going.

Part 2

We will discuss the nutritive value of food and relationship between what you eat and your energy levels.

Part 3

We will learn the basics of a healthy plate and discover quick self-help techniques that suppress bouts of unhealthy eating behavior.

Part 4

We will talk about self-monitoring and other strategies that assist in improving your eating habits, focusing on patterns occurring throughout each week.

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How You Can Help Your Eating Disorder Right Now:

Join Us For 'More than Food' Lecture

  • Get the quick and simple action plan BEFORE the lecture
  • Get lecture presentation if you can't make it for the lecture
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