10+ University-Based Mental Health Events Arthur Fleck Would Attend: November Digest

By Tina Leger

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"The worst part of having a mental illness is that people expect you to behave as if you don't."

All the therapies, support groups, conferences, counseling services, and other mental health-focused events can be compared to a lifebuoy. There is a chance that you may swim to land. But there’s one that you may not. Through sharing experiences in a support group and dispelling mental health misperceptions at conferences and webinars, you have an opportunity to get the load off your chest and recognize the importance of your mental state in everyday life. At the same time, receiving un tête-à-tête counseling or therapy from an expert is the shortest route to diagnose and treat concerns related to behavior, emotions, and thinking patterns.

While a green-haired mentally ill loner didn’t find (unfortunately) a helping hand, you’re welcome to browse some of the upcoming events that were initiated to provide undergrads with practical, constructive, and helpful information. Who knows, perhaps, they will make your personal journey with a mental health issue less bumpy?

Mental Health First Aid Training

November 1, University of Delaware

Mental Health First Aid is a special course that teaches young people how to recognize and respond to signs of mental health issues in other people. Besides, the training is also focused on how to identify substance use and what help should be provided.

Reflecting on Burnout

November 1, Columbia University

Join the Reflecting on Burnout conversation to get to know more about and discuss the existing challenges faced by graduates of color when it comes to burnout. You’re welcome to participate in both collective and individual dialogs, as well as come up with ideas and tools to battle those difficulties on social and personal levels.

Accepting Rejection

November 1, Columbia University      

College years are the time when students have loads of chances to face romantic rejection. Humiliating and heartbreaking, the pain seems to be so real that it interferes with the other areas of life. The goal of this interactive session is to help you become more comfortable with the refusals and process your current emotions so that they let your future relationship thrive.

EOPS Mindfulness Workshop  

November 2, Cosumnes River College

The workshop offers loads of opportunities to network with others and start mindfulness practices in daily life. The goal is to help you cultivate the ability to be present and aware. This technique, in turn, makes it easier to identify your emotions and avoid negative thinking. Those looking for ways to let go of past events and get rid of debilitating worries about the future are welcome as well.

Stress Balls for Stress Awareness Day

November 3, North Dakota University System 

The event will be a time of motivation, relaxation, inspiration, networking, and sharing positivity around the topic of Mental Health.

Wellness Day 

November 7, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

In addition to busy days filled with college essays and tests, undergrads have some special times like Wellness Day. There are no classes, no lab work or research papers due dates, and no important meetings planned. Instead, undergrads face a variety of ways to reflect, de-stress, recharge, and re-connect with their inner selves and the world around them. Something crucial to keep you motivated throughout the year.


Managing Stress & Anxiety Workshop

November 8, California State University, Stanislaus

Learn more about the existing tips and tricks to get through stressful academic routines and avoid situations that build anxiety. The workshop is designed to help join people together who encounter similar difficult circumstances.

Orange Table Talk: Support Group for Black Women

November 10, Oregon State University

The primary focus of Orange Table Talk: Support Group for Black Women is to provide Black women with a safe haven to share their concerns, needs, and problems in a supportive environment. The therapeutic meeting is 100% confidential.

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

November 12, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – George Washington University

Run by college students, the event is designed to roof the survivors of suicide. The participants are welcome to share their unique experiences and find connection with those who have been in the same boat. Anyone who needs a hand or a listening ear during a stressful life period can benefit from the meeting.

EOPS Movie Night: Radical Self Love

November 17, Cosumnes River College

Radical Self-Love & Gratitude Workshop is a real find for those self-torturing themselves with negative self-talk. The participants will learn to transform their inner voices (caused either by personal or social issues) into radical self-love and realize they’re valued.  

Mental Health Awareness Event

November 25, The University of Law

A well-run event encourages warm and open communication about personal experiences around mental health issues. Learn more about various coping mechanisms during this interaction. Whatever issues you or someone you love are facing, the best medicine sometimes may be the past experience shared by someone who once was in an identical situation. 

The ugly truth is that none of the events mentioned above is a magic bullet for all your sensitive issues. But the good news is that you will get some answers and feel less alone with your inner pain. Add a lot of support while confiding in others and working through a tough mental problem. On the contrary, even if you’re not going through a tough or traumatic time but feel supportive, your presence matters as well.

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