Exam Stress Management Course

Forget about stress & anxiety during midterms and exams. Take this 5-day e-mail course to learn the best stress management practices & exam preparation tips

Why Take This Exam Stress Management Course

Research says that a third of students claim that exams and midterms are the most significant sources of stress. Lacking time & skills to arrange exam preparations effectively, students undergo huge study burden that is difficult to process for the mind & body. 

This Exam Stress Management Course will help you handle exam & midterms challenges without damage to your mental health.

5 Days of Stress Management Practices

5 days of focused work with your mental state. Get 5 emails with detailed instructions to follow.

Effective Tips for Exam Preparation

Research-approved exam preparation tips. Choose the prep techniques that suit you best.

Setting the Right Attitude During Exams

What if something goes wrong during or the day before exam? We have plan B for you

Forget about Exam & Midterms Stress This Semester

Take your anxiety under control

What You'll Learn During This Course

5 days - 5 emails with powerful study & mental health tips

Day 1

Get effective study plan that's suitable both for long-term exam preparations & quick revisions right before the exams

Day 2

Learn to avoid TOP 3 mistakes students make while preparing for exams. Spoiler: throw away that sandwich

Day 3

Apply the right attitude & mindset. Start with study affirmations to set yourself into the powerful mood

Day 4

Start the exam day in a winner's way. We'll give you tips on what to do if panic attack strikes you during the exam session

Day 5

Exams are over. What should you do in case of success or failure? We've got you covered in this case as well

What Else You’ll Get During This Stress Management Course 

No long & boring video lectures. Only core information that is ready-to-be-applied. 

Knowing your type you'll know which preparation strategies work better for you

Get a ready-made checklist which was made to have


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