Basic OCD Screening Test

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When it comes to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), many people are still embarrassed or even ashamed of what and how they feel.

What is OCD? What is OCD symptoms? How to test for OCD? Simply put, OCD is a behavioral/mental disorder with typical symptoms like intrusive thoughts, images, and urges, as well as unwanted mental acts or repetitive behaviors that people do to deal with the anxiety caused by obsessions.

If you wonder, “How to know if you have OCD test or…?”, “What is OCD mean?” or even feel embarrassed because your behavior affects your relationships or people around you, use the quiz to see if you might need to consult a mental health expert. 

Who is This OCD Screening Test for?

Those who are curious and have been googling things like “how OCD am i test,” college students engaged in the field of psychiatry, people in need to know more about the disorder their loved ones suffer from, and users suspecting to have OCD.

Test if You Have OCD Now

What does OCD mean? First of all, it’s not a death sentence. There’s nothing to be ashamed of since loads of people live with the same mental health issue every day. Mind that our test is not a diagnostic tool, which means only professionals can make a precise diagnosis.

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