Non-Common but Highly Effective Ways to Meet Deadlines in College

By Lily Wilson

If deadlines were on Tinder, you would meet every one. Or, at least you would like to, but you have to remember that your college deadlines are not reasonable. They don’t have feelings, they don’t react to human stimuli, and they never sleep. Your deadlines are going to creep up on you, and it is up to you to figure out fool-proof ways of meeting them. Here are just a few ways you can get a drop on your deadlines.

Use Time-Management Apps


In many cases, people who use time-management apps are the ones who also use an essay writing service. This is simply because the apps show them how little time they have, and so they delegate some of their work to a writing service. Many of the time management apps don’t actually help students manage their time, they just highlight to students how much time they waste and how little time they have (which is probably a good thing).

People who use time scheduling apps always end up using an essay writing service. It happens fairly quickly when people use time-management apps. They start out pretty optimistic, but after they start missing deadlines and have to start reworking their schedule, they realize how far off their original plans really were. They see how their plans actually require a lot more time than they ever allotted. As a result, students start to plan more carefully. They remove what doesn’t work, they dig out whatever is going to soak up the most of their time, and they re-evaluate their plans so that they may meet their deadlines.

Delegate Boring Tasks to Essay Writing Service

It seems like a bit of a cliche these days to tell students to go find the best essay writing service. It is like telling math students to take their scientific calculators to classes. Yet, people often mistake this advice as a call for students to delegate their most time-sensitive and late projects, but that is not what you should be doing. 

If you are in a position where you are using an essay writing service to complete your late or near-to-deadline work, then you are doing it all wrong. You need to use a writing service to complete your most boring projects. Have them complete your busy work where you are less likely to learn from the experience. Keep the best and most learning-efficient projects for yourself. Don’t delegate the near-to-deadline stuff. Delegate the stuff that is a pointless slog. The stuff that you will never use in real life. 

Read Summaries Instead of Whole Books


Recollect and connect with the Pareto Principle. The idea is that 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. If you think about it, such a principle is as obvious as the fact that water drips down or hot air rises. However, you can use the principle on its own to help you meet your deadlines in college.

Read summaries of books rather than the whole book. Then, go find the notes for books. There are hundreds of books out there that pretty-much tell you the points you are supposed to make in your essays. They tell you all the pointless stuff like how the autumn leaves falling is representative of aging, and how the main character is called “Hugh Mann” because he is “Human.”

It is up to you to find shortcuts, and frankly you will be glad you did. Books like the Great Gatsby and “The Catcher in the Rye” are supposed to be American classics, but they are full of plot holes and outright stupidity. Has the US school system forgotten that people were dumber back in the olden days? Maybe car-crime mistaken identity was a big issue back in the Gatsby times, but it doesn’t make the meandering plot any less dumb. 

Study in Groups

This is a weird one because it sort-of works and kinda doesn’t. If you are a male, and you are pretty lonely, then getting together in groups will become a constant distraction as you imagine ways to get the women in the group to notice you. 

On the other hand, if you are working with a group you enjoy, then it is just like how horrible online multiplayer games can still be fun because you are playing them with friends. This is a perk of working in groups and is probably better than typing “Do My Essay” into Google to see what comes up. 

However, possibly the best benefit of working in a group is that it forces you to work. It is the weight-loss group principle. If you know you are going to be weighed, you put in that bit of extra effort with your weight loss because you don’t want to be embarrassed in the group. The same is true when you work in study groups. Firstly, you have to attend the group, so you are forced to work on those occasions. Plus, you probably did some of the pre-studying so that you don’t make a fool of yourself when you are in the group. This level of forced working is what helps you keep up with your deadlines simply because your hand is being forced by your group conformity.

Get Enough Rest

Blah blah, get enough rest, eat your greens, don’t run with scissors, don’t trip grandma on the stairs. We have heard it all before, why and how would this help you reach your deadlines? Well, sleep is probably one of the most underrated and sinister deadline killers of all time. People underestimate tiredness because the things you do today may not affect you for a few days. You feel you can fight tiredness, and you feel you are the master of sleep. 

Sadly, you have no idea how much sleep deprivation affects you. While you are sleep deprived, you are slower, you are dumber, and you are far less able to concentrate. But, while sleep deprived and full of caffeine, you somehow feel fine. You are like that crazy person who is sitting in a tub of beans stroking his dead cat and telling the world he feels fine. He is not fine, but he feels fine, and you feel fine when you are tired. If you could only record yourself, you would see how slow you are moving, how dumb you are, and how under-motivated you are. Get enough rest because tiredness doesn’t get tired…it always catches up with you.

About the Author

Lily is a 36 year-old homestay freelance academic writer. Lily runs her personal blog AnAwfulLotofWriting and works as a contributing academic writer for a number of publications

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