7 Anxiety Signs – It’s High Time You Turned to an Essay Service

By Lily Wilson

The interconnection of regular writing assignments and the growing anxiety rate among students is no joke. In almost every case, it isn’t the essays themselves that cause the problem, it is the students and the mismanagement of their time and their workload. Nobody is teaching students how to manage their time, how to judge their working pace, or how to handle anxiety. As a result, students are simply succumbing to the ever-present dread of anxiety. In some cases, it is causing panic attacks, high blood pressure, impotence and the inability to become aroused. As you can imagine, it is serious, so here are a few signs that the ugly face of anxiety is creeping up on you from behind. 

1. Having Headaches, Muscle Aches, Stomach Aches, or Unexplained Pains

This one is at the top of the list because it is one of the more serious signs that you have a problem with anxiety. If you are having any of these symptoms, you need to hand your essays over to a website that writes essays for you and then seek medical help. Many first-year students complain of distinct ache and pain problems, and they are almost always caused by a student’s problems adapting to the new workload.

The only symptoms worse than these are passing out when stressed, grinding your teeth, and anxiety attacks. If you have any of those symptoms, you also need to seek medical advice. Only 3.87% of students suffer from symptoms as serious as these. 

2. Unprovoked Bouts of Irritability

This one takes spot number two because it is probably the most common symptom among students. People mistakenly put unprovoked bouts of irritability down to teenage woes and teen angst, but it is just not true. Adult learners of the intensive course of “Japanese Pod 101” have reported changes in behavior. This is the sit-down class in Japan’s learning centers, not the online course (which is also a good place to learn Japanese). In fact, of the 2300 applicants in 2021, only 2001 completed the course in full, and over half complained of high levels of stress and irritability.

3. Sleep Problems

Having essay worry and having trouble sleeping is very common and you are probably already aware of it, so here is a summary in brief. You may have anxiety problems if you have trouble getting to sleep. Trouble staying asleep. And, if you are the type of person who can never get back to sleep after being woken up fully, then you have anxiety problems. For example, if that van’s horn woke you up and you frustratedly cannot get back the sleep, your problem lies with anxiety and not with restlessness.

4. Having Difficulty Concentrating

This is a very specific sign of “Essay Anxiety” and it comes in this form. Are you having trouble remembering the elements of your essay that you have already written? Are you the sort of person who works on an essay last night, and still has to read all of it all the way through because you think you forgot something or because you have trouble picking up the essay and continuing?

If this is the case, you are having trouble concentrating and need to work on your essay anxiety. You need to find a way to relax your mind when you are working on your essays because the fact is that you remember everything you wrote last night, but your anxiety is fogging your cognitive ability. It is your anxiety making it difficult for you to concentrate. 

5. Are You Pretty Lousy at Sex?

The idea that the nerdy girl or boy is bad at sex is sometimes due to inexperience, but frankly, it is hard to get into the mood when you are worried about essays and exams. Having sex requires a certain amount of getting loose. The ability to lose yourself in the moment is what turns pumping in and out into wild, passionate, animal, lustful, sweaty, heart-pounding sex. That is why dumber (haven’t got a care in the world) people seem to be awesome in bed. If you are lousy at sex, you may need to hand off your essays to a professional essay service, relax a little, and let your body do the talking rather than your mind. 

6. Difficulty With Feelings of Worry

This one nearly didn’t make the list because it is almost impossible to spot in yourself, so consider this point for other people. Have you noticed any fellow students that seem almost inconsolable with worry? The sort of people who, after you explain why they should relax, still seem unable to relax? The sort of people who always seem like they are on a job interview even during a no-pressure situation? These people, who are unable to manage their feelings of worry, have some serious anxiety problems a need help from a professional. They need to hand off their essays to a professional essay writing help service and go get medical help.

7. Becoming Easily Fatigued

In the book, “How to Beat the Grind” by Ashley Maxwell, there is a clear correlation between depression and becoming easily fatigued. As cited in the book, at least 68% of Sertraline users (depressed people) report feelings of tiredness when confronted with plans and schedules. 

This is not because the depressed person (medicated or unmediated) is lazy, it is because their depression causes anxiety whenever its state of equilibrium is shaken. When you tell a depressed subconscious that soon it will be working on a task, the depressed subconscious interprets that as suffering, it reacts by making the person sleepy as a defense mechanism.

It is not the depression that prompts this burst of fatigue, it is the anxiety approaching the tasks ahead. If you are thinking about what you should be doing and you find yourself getting sleep, it is a strong signal that you are suffering from anxiety and maybe even depression. 

How to Reduce Anxiety in College

You need to hand your essays off to an essay service. Failing that, start essays the same day you receive them. This makes it very difficult for your mind to postpone them. 

As mentioned in the book “How to Beat the Grind” By Ashley Maxwell, ask yourself which is more difficult to live with? A floor that you are postponing vacuuming? Or a floor you half vacuumed and left the other half dirty? 

For some reason, our brains have an easier time postponing tasks we have started. On your second essay session, simply plan your essays and your essay schedule and do nothing more. These two acts alone will revolutionize the way you approach essays and will drastically reduce your anxiety in college, especially during essay seasons.

About the Author

Lily is a 36 year-old homestay freelance academic writer. Lily runs her personal blog AnAwfulLotofWriting and works as a contributing academic writer for a number of publications

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