7 Ways a Roommate Annoys You and Why You Might Want to Try Their Behavior

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Somebody should write a book on the many ways a roommate can annoy another roommate, but with that said, perhaps some of those behaviors are something you should try yourself. It is reminiscent of a female University student who was mired in the ideals of leftist Wokism. Her boyfriend was watching a rude-crude old-school comedian called Chubby Brown. She found herself laughing at some of his jokes. Her takeaway, and perhaps yours too, is that sometimes you have to experience things from both ends before you can make a truly informed decision. Here are 7 annoying things that roommates do, along with reasons you should try those very same behaviors.

1 . Orders a Paper and Enjoys Their Time


It is very annoying when your smug friends and roommates cheat their way to the top. You are running through a stupid and annoying assignment that your professor set as busy work, while your roommate gets to sleep through the night and go swimming in the morning with the early rising hotties. 

Should you try an essay writing service too? Well before you take a moral stance, consider the fact that professors have to set assignments to check your learning. They are often of little benefit to you but are supposed to help you remember and learn the stuff that you already know. You can tell which ones they are because they are marked by the TAs rather than the professors. Are you really going to waste your time on this busy work when you already know the material? Why not dedicate your time to the real coursework, to the real learning, and leave the busy work to the essay writing services?

2. Leaves a Lot of Mess


Students are typically infantilized because we live in an age where parents have enough free time to tidy up after their kids. Back in the old days before reliable washing machines, dishwashers and robot vacuums, parents had to have their kids do chores because there was too much to do. These days, students will happily live in mess and will call it organized chaos. 

Should you live like this too? No, you probably shouldn’t. There are no benefits at all, but if you are tired of your roommate leaving a mess, then it is time to start messing with your roommate. The trick is to re-arrange their mess. Keep it messy, keep things disorganized, but every time you enter the room, move some items of the mess around. Hide them and move them into different places. Your roommate will spend every day asking you where things are, only to find them a few minutes later. Each time, say “If you cleaned up then you would know where stuff is.” Until eventually your roommate goes crazy or starts cleaning up after himself/herself.

3. Sleeps Till Noon on Weekends

How do these people do it? How do they find the strength to let go of life’s little worries and sleep as much as they do? If anything, you should try this behavior just to see what it is like. Is there an unknown benefit to such sloth? Will you learn how to let go?

4. Likes to Be Nude and Comfy About the Place

This is not something you should do, and if your roommate does it and it makes you uncomfortable, then you need to address it or find a new roommate. However, just once, perhaps over all the weekend, try losing your clothes to see what happens. There must be something about it that your roommate likes, you should try it too.

5. Talks a Lot Over a Phone With Their Friends

Tired of hearing your roommate tell the same story six times to different people. Tired of that darn phone going off all the time. It can get annoying when your roommate prizes friends and communication above all else. Ideally, if you are looking for company, you should go out and find it. However, you could try a little cross-communication with friends now and again. But, to make sure it doesn’t become a habit, try to find a good reason why you should be calling, such as working on a group project.

6. Owns a Rat for a Pet


Having a rat for a pet is not so bad unless it nibbles your phone charger, but that is a small price to pay. It is far worse when your roommate has a pet you don’t like, like a spider or snake. 

Nobody is suggesting you get a pet. It will hold you back, make your life more difficult, and break your heart when it dies. However, if your roommate is out, why not have ratty on your bed for a giggle. They are never as bad as they first seem.

7. Optimistic No Matter What

Everybody loves Ned Flanders. Is it possible to love somebody who is positive all the time? As Andrew Tate says, if you are reading this right now, then you have nothing to complain about. There are legions of people who would swap lives with you. Consider the fact that you are focusing on the negative and ignoring the positive. Take the time to enjoy the positive, and your roommate’s ever-optimistic attitude may become more understandable.

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