Mental Health Events: Must Visits to Stay Sane in December

By Tina Leger

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout

I'm telling you why

The mental breakdown is comin' to town!

While most people tend to expect some extra jolliness during the festive season, the reality differs from our expectations. Unfortunately, the ho-ho-ho season is not only about connecting with family and friends in joyful celebration but also feeling stressed and in low moods.

The closer you get to the holidays, the less merry and bright the days become. One would wonder ‘Why?’ The twinkle of a zillion lights, the warmth of the loved ones, and mom-approved meals are in abundance but you feel like you’re a step away from escaping through the back door. Reasons why the most wonderful time of the year turns into a mental disaster vary. It can be deadlines in college, family issues, unexpected break-ups, financial problems, the loss of someone dear to your heart, lack of sunlight, or all in one.

Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself about what you should do or buy, take a break to see what you can do as part of your self-care December routine. We hope the university and college-held events we’ve shared below will help you stay sane during the Yuletide and actually enjoy it.

The Mental Health Gap: STAND for the future

December 7, online and at the Sir Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre (University of Tasmania)

Meet professor Michelle Craske that will have a talk about anxiety and depression as the key causes of global disease burden by the year 2030. Join the conversation to see how the conditions affect young people and what factors actually stand behind those.

Starting a New Medication for Anxiety or Depression

Every first Monday (with the last session on December 9), UC Berkeley

Join the psycho-educational group to participate in discussions of the most common medications used to treat depression and anxiety, as well as how one can boost the effectiveness of those.

Worry, Stress, and Your Health

Every second Monday (with the last session on December 9), UC Berkeley

Get a better understanding of the physical responses and sensations of your body. Find out how persistent worries may impact our behaviors and stress responses, as well as learn more about how to cope with emotions and thoughts related to psychical and mental conditions.

LGBTQIA+ Support Group

Every Tuesday (with the last session on December 6), UC Berkeley

An online drop-in group for those who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Enjoy a supportive space while learning more about sexuality and stress management.

Understanding Self & Others

Every Wednesday (with the last session on December 7), UC Berkeley

Learn to live here and now. Foster more successful relationships and greater self-awareness. Become more aware of your feelings to live an anxiety-free life.

Webinar: Navigating Anxiety Disorders During An Anxious Time

December 1, Concordia University

Join the webinar to learn about the key differences between anxiety and stress. The session will focus on the ways various kinds of conditions related to anxiety can stand in the way of a happy and fulfilling life.

Mental Health and Well-being Virtual Drop Ins with Maria Guzman, Psy.D.

December 8, Princeton University

Maria Guzman, Psy.D., is welcoming students to the virtual meetings! Are you in need of professional support? Are you looking for ears to talk about your feelings about your personal life and academic routine? You’ve got to the right place.

TimelyCare Virtual Peer-to-Peer Support

December 1, Harvard College

Online peer-to-peer support is provided for students on the TimelyCare online health and well-being platform. Feel free to talk about your feelings, thoughts, everyday experiences, and emotions anonymously. Find those who are in the same boat!

Pet Therapy December Destress

December 2, The University of Calgary Graduate Students’ Association

Let go of December stress with special pet therapy! Offered by the PALS organization, the therapy session with cats and dogs will help you relax and celebrate the finish of the semester. A cat and dog therapy a day keeps the doctor away!

De-Stress Fest

December 1, University of South Carolina

The finals are just around the corner. Join the De-Stress Fest meeting to learn how to combat stress and get access to useful resources and giveaways.


Go ahead and find support (if needed) if you want to feel well throughout the let-it-snow season. But it’s OK if you eventually don’t. Just don’t put yourself under pressure in the urge to have the ‘perfectest’ Christmas. Be yourself and celebrate the things that breed happiness, no matter how small.

About the Author

Tina is a freelance writer currently obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She’s a reading addict, a wanderlust soul, an amateur sports fan, and a daydreamer bringing forth a love of writing.

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