Immediate Stress Busters Every Student Should Know

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Unfortunately, feeling stressed out has become a part of many students’ lives in today’s world. There are countless reasons to feel stressed if you are a student: upcoming exams, busy deadlines, troubles with friends, not getting the sleep you need, and so many others. We have all been there. 

However, there are some ways to maintain your psychological and physical health by finding a good coping mechanism for stress. Though your ways to reduce stress may not be such a good option for others or vice versa, we have some busters that usually help most of the students to reduce their stress levels immediately. 

1. Meditate

This is one of the most common suggestions that you will get if you are feeling stressed, but there is a reason for that: it is scientifically proven that meditation helps you reduce your stress. However, that is not the only reason to start meditating. It also helps you gain self-awareness, lengthens your attention span, improves your sleep, and helps with your mental health. 

However, if you have ever tried meditating, you probably know that it is not as easy as it seems. Especially when you are stressed about something, that thing will keep coming up to your mind no matter how hard you try to focus. The good thing is you don’t have to be a yogi to benefit from the meditation. Even though you spend 10 minutes a day meditating, or even just trying to meditate, you will start to see some results shortly. 

2. Meet Up with Your Friends

One of the best things about hanging out with your friends is the fact that they make all of your troubles disappear when hanging out. You probably will lose track of time when you are around loved ones. As you can imagine, it is a great way to cope with stress: forgetting what you were stressed about. 

However, it is not the only solution. Another one of the best things about friends is being able to talk about anything, including your feelings. Talking out loud about your stress can be more helpful than you would think. Especially if your friends are students just like you, you can be sure that they will understand you. Sharing your emotions and thoughts freely, feeling understood without being judged, and knowing that you are not alone is a great way to reduce your stress. 

3. Go Out Into the Nature

If you have ever been to a place surrounded by huge trees or an endless ocean you may recall feeling relaxed. If you have ever felt this way, you can imagine that spending some time around nature can help relieve stress. Going outside now and then and taking a short walk while listening to your favorite tunes and watching some beautiful flowers can make your day so much better. 

However, some of you may not be so lucky to have an amazing ocean view or an enormous forest within walking distance of where you live. Even though you have nowhere specific to go around, just going on a walk in the fresh air would be helpful when you start to feel stressed. 

4. Exercise

Whether it is a 15-minute yoga that you just found on Youtube, or going to the gym and destroying your muscles, exercising is a great way to bust your stress. Along with increasing your overall well-being, exercising also pumps up your endorphins which means it makes you happy. 

Regarding Newton’s law, an object at rest tries to stay at rest. This is actually what we are experiencing every day. While we are chilling in our bed getting out and going all the way to the gym seems incredibly hard. However, if you push yourself to get started exercising in those days, the other part of Newton’s law will become reality: an object in motion stays in motion. You will see that you no longer feel like staying in the bed. 

As you will feel more energized and happy after a good workout, you will also be more likely to get your other jobs done as well. So if you are feeling stressed, just try getting up and exercising a bit. This will not only decrease your stress levels but also will start an impulse to get some other tasks done. 

5. Stay In & Rest 

Although our prior suggestions may seem like good ideas most of the time, it is not the case some days. Sometimes our stress makes us feel exhausted, and on such days the best thing you can do is not to force yourself anymore, both psychologically and physically. If you feel like your social battery is dead, probably you will enjoy spending time by yourself more than spending time with your friends. 

The key point about staying by yourself and resting is that you need to rest. Thinking about all the things you should be doing right now while trying to rest will only make you even more stressed. If you spend your day like this, you will be feeling guilty instead of rested at the end of the day. If you are taking a rest day, let it be an actual rest day: no more thinking about deadlines or upcoming exams. Just try to clear your mind and relax. We all deserve a day off sometimes. 

We came to the end of our list. Even though these are some of the best immediate stress busters, if you are freaked out about your essay deadline and none of these suggestions seem like working for you, you can always consider getting help from an essay writing service. 

Also, you should keep in mind that achieving and maintaining a balanced lifestyle that includes all of the mentioned stress-busters is far more effective than doing these things only when you feel anxious. A balanced lifestyle is a long-term solution for stress and university life that is plentiful with fun and academic success at the same time. 

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