15 Hardest Degrees in the World that Cause Extra Anxiety and Depression

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Choosing a degree to pursue can arguably be the most consequential decision a student makes in his academic journey. Life before college is a build-up in preparation for the vital decision; the degree to pursue.

Being students, maneuvering the entirety of this decision may be difficult. Several factors may influence the decision, for example, the job security of a career, the student’s talents and skills, pressure from parents, and career interests.

However, another factor students fail to consider is the mental constraint a career may subject them to. Due to their complexity, most prestigious professions leave students in shackles of anxiety and depression. The following are 15 of the heftiest degrees in the world.


1. Medicine

The human body has 78 organs, 60,000 miles of blood vessels, and over 7 trillion nerve endings. This statement is enough evidence of why medicine is leading on the list. With a minimum study time of five years, medicine is one of the most arduous degrees to pursue. 

Due to minimal room for missteps, students pursuing this career walk around with gigantic books as they grasp all possible knowledge of the human body. Many students in this field end up suffering from anxiety and depression. The pressure goes beyond being the top student but achieving the set minimum score. 

2. Architecture

Watching the life of an architecture student will give you a newly found respect for architects. The struggle undergone by architecture students is unfathomable to non-students. 

A common characteristic of architecture students is spending sleepless nights. Working all night on projects to have them canceled by lectures brings them to the verge of tears. All this pressure causes mental intricacies such as anxiety and depression. Lack of sleep heightens stress among students making it more formidable to pursue.

3. Aeronautic engineering

It is one thing to put together a functional vehicle, but an airplane weighing about 100,000 pounds to balance in the air is prodigious. 

A lot goes into the science of aircraft and spaceships, and knowledge of this information is significantly inundating. The grasp of mathematics and physics concepts is in the back of their hands. This is particularly challenging and stressful for the students.

4. Law

This article would have been questionable if the law degree wasn’t top 5 on the list. Getting into an argument with a law student is a self-gained affliction, and you can bet on an assured loss.

Talking to a law student will have you questioning your pride in reading plenty of books. Being equipped with plenty of knowledge keeps the students at the brink of their desks, leaving minimal leisure time. This sequentially leaves students feeling anxious and depressed. 

5. Pharmacy

The mastery of drugs and medicine is no easy art. Learning the constituents, effects, prescription, and other factors is enough rationale for why we cannot treat ourselves. Like medicine, there is no guesswork involved in this degree—the burdensome nature of pharmacy subjects students to anxiety due to the high expectation required from the students.

6. Chemical engineering

Chemistry is the ball that keeps the world running steady. However, it is one of the trickiest subjects to major in. One wrong move with chemicals may create explosions and vile results that may cost one’s credibility. Due to fear of mistakes, students pursuing chemical engineering down themselves in the knowledge of chemicals, neglecting their mental health.

7. Psychology

With a population of over 7 billion individuals, each with a different mentality about matters, you can understand how psychology is to an intricate degree. Understanding dissimilar people and having a solution for almost all situations is no easy task. To study psychology is creating tough skin and being able to listen and comprehend people. The endurance subjugated can render the students hopeless and depressed due to the ambiguity of this degree.

8. Biomedical engineering

If you think engineering is complicated, try marrying it with medicine. Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering in biology and medicine. 

Brooding about the load accompanied by this degree created anxiety among its students. Additional complexity will have the students creating a facade of their deteriorating mental state, only to suffer severe cases of depression.

9. Dentistry

You cannot understand the challenges of a bed until you lay on it. The study of oral health may seem facile. However, the high grades required to qualify for the career may prove otherwise. The program of five years demands hard work from the students. This resultantly increases their pressure to perform hence high cases of depression and anxiety among its students.

10. Statistics

Considering the number of students that dread mathematics, it is no thunderbolt how this degree is one of the hardest. Statistics has many fields, such as data collection, representation, and interpretation. All of these explain how students find this course challenging and stressful. Numerous assignments given may have them experiencing anxiety.

11. Nursing

The first qualification of nursing must be a heart of gold and a stomach to gut all that happens in health care. It is delicate for nursing students to comprehend the anatomy of the human body and learn how to react spontaneously to patients in need. However, with the pressure of assignments delivered to the students, it is understandable how these students make it to the list of those suffering from anxiety and depression. A paper writing service can help ease their burden, especially in essay writing.

12. Theoretical physics

It is the development of mathematical formulas and computational protocols describing aspects of objects found in the world. To simplify your understanding, taking this degree makes one a modern-day Albert Einstein.

Without delving into the IQ of such a student, imagine the mental toll this degree would take on an average student. Anxiety cases among these students are alarming due to the substantial work put into attaining the degree.

13. Astrophysics

Working with NASA has been a fantasy for many students. However, immense responsibility requires superior knowledge. The study of the universe requires a substantial number of years. This career has a limited number of students due to the high academic standards required to pursue it and the pressure associated with the degree.

14. Chartered accountancy

When it comes to the high job security and handsome payment of chartered accountancy, a paid price of its complexity is paid by the students. Dealing with money, the students require cognition of mathematics and business finance facets to aid in efficient decision making. 

The demand for results 100% without blemish explains why this career increases the chance of its students suffering depression and anxiety.

15. Neuroscience

The brain is a complex organ that dominates the human body. It is arguably the most vital organ. One small mistake performed may render a patient paralyzed. 

A thorough understanding of biology and chemistry is required for success in this field. Fair to say, this one is a cynical bone to crack. Considering the number of years and the pressure associated, students easily fall captive to depression and anxiety.


Students pursuing the above degrees have been sorrowful for years due to their arduous nature. It is high time for a light to shine on them and for the surge of anxiety and depression among them to be engulfed. Paper writing service could be a savior, what do you think?

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