12 Things More Stressful Than Your Essay Due Tomorrow

By Tina Leger

Having an essay due tomorrow is similar to watching weather forecasts alerting you about the tornado indicated by radar and…making barbeque in the yard meanwhile. Maybe somehow the problem will resolve itself. But you don’t see it happening while the massive destruction is getting more and more real.

If crying, shamanic dancing, and putting spells don’t work, essay writing service will save the day. But before you rush to the pro writers, stop for a moment to see that there are those in bigger trouble. Here are just a few things to help you unwind.

1. Becoming a victim of a surprise sport trauma

No pain, no gain.

2. To be the king of the world and fall off a mountain

Ouch. That hurts. Well, not as much as the late-night writing session, of course.


3. To have your ridiculously expensive wedding dress spoiled

Octopus and sea stars go away while sweet memories stay with us forever.

4. Literally setting that special date on fire

Some like it hot, after all.


5. Go to the rollercoaster that you think won’t be scary to just realize how wrong you are.  

See that essay deadline approaching you fast?


6. Hit the ground through no fault of your own

That’s what paper writing teamwork looks like.


7. Indeed get extremely frightened like a kid.

Halloween is fun, they said. You’ll have a great time, they said.


8. To try to rob someone but get injured instead (and caught)

Wrong time, wrong place, wrong victim. Welcome to the thieves’ failures hall of fame!


9. To actually see the ghost


 10. Getting dumped in public

You’re just standing there wishing to sink into the ground for shame.

11. Knowing a gigantic asteroid is heading for Earth

That’s all, folks!

12. Being buried alive

No more essay writing rush at least. 

About the Author

Tina is a freelance writer currently obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She’s a reading addict, a wanderlust soul, an amateur sports fan, and a daydreamer bringing forth a love of writing.

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