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When it comes to social anxiety, Sherlock happens to be the first who comes to mind. Of course, a famous ‘high-functioning sociopath’ didn’t have social anxiety but was rather an INTJ (introversion, intuitive, thinking, judging) person. However, a lot of people facing social anxiety might feel like the well-known detective – staying away from the crowd no matter what. As far as possible. For as long as possible.

The following questions will ask about your most typical behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and worries. The quiz is in no way a medical tool, which means its results can’t serve as a diagnosis. 

The best step (if you experience symptoms associated with social anxiety) is to make an appointment with a therapist. Still, the test below will help you see if you’re likely to be in need of any extra help. As long as you’re honest about what you’re feeling, you will be on your way to a better understanding of your inner self and your today’s needs.

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