Snacks: Mood Killers or Creativity Boosters?

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Are snacks really mood killers or creativity boosters? Or, is it all about perception? Is it about your attitude, or is there something else at play? In truth, it is a mix of both, but don’t rule out how far that society has gone to train you into thinking a certain way. Once upon a time fats were bad and now they are good. Once upon a time fish was good, but now it is full of mercury and toxins. For the longest time the human race has lived long years on bread, but now gluten is the reason we don’t live until 900 like Noah did. Read on, and you will be surprised at the effect of certain snacks, both in chemical terms and in your perception of them.

The Double Edged Sword of The Energy Drink

Most of the items on this list are clearly mood killers or creativity boosters, but energy drinks dance the line between the two. On the positive side, an energy drink can help remove the symptoms of tiredness, which can help a creative person spur into action. After a short while, the energy drink stops working, but the creative person is spurred on by their own sense of progress and it releases positive hormones that make the creative person endeavor to continue.

On the downside, energy drinks are the ultimate signal to your subconscious that you are tired, even if you are not tired. If you have ever felt that crazy energy drink crash an hour or two after drinking one, then that is your subconscious kicking you. It is punishing you for convincing yourself that you are more tired than you are. To some people, a can of energy drink is nothing more than an excuse to perform at a reduced rate. It is a flag that says, “It’s not my fault, I am tired.” 

Maybe Your Banana Has a Point

Bananas are amazing creativity boosters for people who are naturally active. And, the weird thing is that bananas don’t make you healthier today, they make you healthier tomorrow and the days after. Don’t believe the scare stories about bananas and potassium. Here is how it really works.

If you are an active person, your body is using up all its potassium trying to draw water into your muscles. This helps them function correctly, but more importantly, it helps remove lactic acid and other toxins. A weekly dose of potassium for a lazy person is going to improve his or her overall health. People who are more active and have a banana every week or twice per week are going to notice a big difference because every muscle in their body (from their eyebrows to their heart) is functioning better. If you are active, but suffer from cramps, then increase your potassium intake and you will notice a massive difference.

A Glass of Wine Makes You Far Less Creative

The wine industry has long pushed the narrative that wine is somehow good for you. That it has antioxidants and so forth, but the truth is that a tomato has the same amount of antioxidants as half a bottle of wine. In fact, there are some crazy varieties of rare seaweed that have more antioxidants in half a cup than an entire bottle of red wine. But, how does wine make you less creative? How is it a mood killer?

For this one, you will have to look at your own creative output. Test it for yourself if you wish. Try being creative with wine and try being creative without it. You may be able to come up with a few ideas while drinking but doing actual “Work” is actually harder. Don’t confuse creative ideas with creative work.

Breakfast Cereal is a Creativity…Extender

A bowl of cereal, or even a cereal bar, has enough nutrients, fiber and micro-vitamins to keep your brain functioning at its top level. Obviously, if you want genuine health, you need a balanced diet. But, breakfast cereal has been proven time and time again to be a creativity extender. This is true at any time of the day. If you have been going hard all day with your work, and you want to continue, don’t opt for McDonalds or KFC, grab a bowl of cereal. Stay hydrated, stay focused, and you will notice your creativity continues late into the night.

The Addictive Bag of Salted Nuts

Here is the scenario. You buy a bag of nuts, even a small one. Perhaps they are regular salted nuts, or powdered nuts, or even those new salt and vinegar nuts. You eat a few and suddenly you can’t put them down. What’s the deal?

Well, it turns out that nuts have micro-nutrients. Different nuts have a variety that are only in tiny amounts, but are difficult to find in other foods, especially if you have a meat heavy diet. When your body realizes it is receiving these nutrients, it quickly tries to convince you to eat as many as you can. Some people think this micro-nutrient theory is why some people find KFC addictive, because the KFC special recipe has added micro-nutrients. When it comes to nuts, feel free to indulge from time-to-time. They are high in fat and salts, but sometimes they are exactly what you need to keep your creativity flowing.

Dark Chocolate is Darker Than You Think

It is true that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, and that high volumes of the stuff can stimulate Oxytocin, which is commonly described as a bonding hormone. It is also true that it has Flavanols, which are a form of flavonoids, plant-based substances that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. However, all the benefits are things that apply to older people. When it comes to younger people and even teens, giving them dark chocolate is like greasing the gears of a car that has already been greased with better grease.

All the benefits of dark chocolate simply don’t apply to younger people. Especially if those younger people have a balanced diet. Even the evidence that teens who binge drink alcohol may benefit from dark chocolate is undercut by the fact that eating an organic tomato would have the same effect. Dark chocolate is not suitable for younger people. It has too much caffeine and fats without the added benefit of dairy and calcium that regular and white chocolate offers kids. If you want to keep your kids creative, you would be better off giving them milk chocolate or white chocolate than giving them dark chocolate.

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