Depression Test & Anxiety Self-Assessment Quiz

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45% of American college students claim to be afflicted by stress levels higher than average. Quite often, the symptoms like stress, anxiety, and depression don’t last for long and are usually associated with the transition process. After all, undergrads find themselves in a new environment where feelings of loneliness and homesickness prevail. Needless to say, the academic overload that they face for the first time in their lives takes a toll on their physical and mental health. This unsurprisingly results in high anxiety levels that remain on the rise at every stage of education. Based on the ACHA-National College Health Assessment II national research survey (2019), most students reported anxiety as the key factor that slowed down their academic progress.

In the depression and anxiety self-test below, we ask some important questions that can help young people find out if they are likely to have an anxiety disorder so they can make a plan for feeling better as soon as possible. Our test is not a diagnosis. However, it’s quick, free, and 100% confidential.

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