9 Ways Colleges Aggravate Anxiety Among Students

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The state of mental health among students has taken the world by stupefaction. Matters previously normalized have become too evident, forcing people back to the drawing board to devise solutions. 

College students have suffered in silence for long enough under the thwarting arm of education. Colleges have often failed to see their part in aggravating student anxiety. Due to the alarming number of students suffering from depression, it is time to tackle the bull by its horns and ponder this persistent issue. The following are ways in which colleges have heightened anxiety among students.

Creating High Academic Standards

Most students will nod in agreement since this has been a pestering issue. Colleges have been culprits for setting exceedingly high academic standards. Such standards create unnecessary pressure for students as they struggle to attain the set threshold. Most students associate these standards with the pinnacle of a successful student. 

However, high academic standards have proven to cause havoc in students’ lives as they try to attain them. Students spend sleepless nights with minimal knowledge of how this demeanor heightens their chances of suffering from anxiety. Setting attainable goals would be an efficient method of curbing anxiety in colleges.

Allocating Minimal Time to Relax

One of the primary causes of emotional and mental breakdowns is anxiety. Several variables may drive students to have stress, for example, money problems and pressure from school.

The need to escape from reality becomes substantially predominant in such cases. However, some colleges may fail to allocate adequate time to relax. Students end up wallowing in their muddles as they lack an escape. Back-to-back academic projects bring students to the verge of emotional breakdowns, hence the rising cases of meltdowns among students. Restrategizing and offering students adequate time to unwind would reduce anxiety among students significantly.

Unfriendly College Environment

There’s always something that gives you the familiarity of a home. Be it waking up to the fresh smell of bacon or the lovely fragrance of flowers. Such factors make you want to curl in and never leave home.

According to a study by The Light Program, entering college can trigger mental disorders such as anxiety. This is due to the pressure of adjustment. An unfriendly environment makes the modification even worse since it increases the likelihood of homesickness. Most colleges have made it very smallish to increase the familiarity and friendliness of colleges. As a result, this has magnified the extent of discomfort among students, thereby causing anxiety. 

Strict Rules Set by Colleges

One type of anxiety is social anxiety. This is arguably one of the most ordinary forms of nervousness experienced by students—colleges subject students to new experiences and social settings that allow meeting new people.

Some colleges have set guidelines or rules that force students into social settings. Such measures exacerbate anxiety among students as they are subjected to social settings they are much uncomfortable. Imposing these rules on students limits their wiggle room hence increasing affliction. Students must, however, be allowed to partake in situations only when comfortable. 

Issuing too Many Assignments to Students

A misconception worth unlearning is the image of the successful student. Both teachers and students have been captive of this mirage of the overworking student being the most successful. Assignments issued by lecturers, especially on essay writing, have held students captive by their necks. Not once have we watched students slug out of their classes due to the academic stress caused by immense assignments. 

An essay service can help solve the lament of students and chip in to make their lives facile. By providing paper writing help, they have eased the burden of numerous assignments on students.

Lack of Mental Health Facilities

Grasping the vital aspect of mental health matters has been an ambiguous pill to swallow. This is attributed to how these topics were normalized and perceived as pretense and uncooperative by the students. 

Despite the constant discussion, most colleges have neglected the need for mental health facilities. The added expense of catering to students’ mental health unravels complications such as anxiety. A tribulation half shared is half solved. Working towards embracing mental health services embarks the journey of a thousand miles in canceling anxiety in students.

Immense Financial Stress

It is formidable to decipher a young student succumbing to financial pressure while in college. Some students would write stories that would move masses to tears, having learned the struggle endured.

Colleges can sometimes create a dent in people’s pockets due to high financial expectations. Several students go through unimaginably strenuous situations that make them strain financially while in school. Some students work to cater for their pocket money or even fees. Due to high financial demand from colleges, students may become victims of anxiety intricacies. Moreover, there is minimal focus observed from the student and hence poor performance. 

High Expectations from Students

The excitement of joining college is incomparable. Trying new experiences brings a surge of happiness to young students. Not once has the optimistic bubble been punctured by the rude awakening when one joins college.

High expectations set by colleges weigh on the students’ shoulders precariously. The struggle to meet these expectations ushers the students to a downfall of stress and agony on failure to achieve these expectations. The otherwise perceived thrilling journey turns gloomy. Colleges have played a role in setting what can be termed unrealistic expectations from students. Such standards explain the elephant in the room on why anxiety is at an alarming rate in colleges. 

Ambiguous Challenges

One of the perks of being a young student is traveling to new places. Studying abroad has been a dream that has influenced various college destinations.

However, curve balls thrown in an international student’s academic journey include learning a new language, culture shock, and unfamiliarity. Due to a lack of effort from colleges to ease the transition, the students suffer from anxiety.

 Colleges have lagged in creating a suitable environment for such students. For example, creating custom classes and forming support groups would make the adjustment easier for these students. 

College life is what shapes a student to be fit for society. By eliminating these factors aggravating students’ anxiety, young adults who are masters of their mental health are released into the fraternity. It is time we take a tread in eradicating perturbation in colleges.

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