6 Shocking Breakfast Ideas for the Positive Start of a School Day

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Forget what you think you know about carbs, gluten, sugar or any of those other “Tiredness inducing” or “Bad” food stuffs. The truth is that your attitude is what creates a positive start of the day. Your attitude, how you treat yourself in the morning, and how you start the day is what sends you out with a positive or negative frame of mind.

When it comes to energy and tiredness, the only thing that will make you tired before going to school or college is if that you are stuffed so full of food that you cannot eat another bite. Overeating in the morning is not great. Under those circumstances, you expend massive amounts of energy trying to digest the food, which makes you naturally lethargic. Here are six healthy breakfast ideas along with scientific reasons why they are so healthy.

1 . Any Cereal Is Healthy For You

Wait a minute, does that mean those choco-rolled-sugar-dunkies are healthier than muesli? No it doesn’t, but the truth is that any cereal you can buy that is commercially available is better for you than most other breakfast alternatives.

We are not living in the 80s, when sugar-blasted-choco-rocks were being promoted by morning TV shows of Transfomerzoids or Happy Sugar Elves. Mainstream stores won’t stock cereals that are legitimately. Sure, some have more sugar than others, but most students burn off that sugar before they have even left the house. There is no such thing as an unhealthy breakfast cereal. There are just some that are healthier than others. Foods like muesli and bran flakes are not bad for you, but they are far better for elder age. As a student, you need sugar and carbs because you burn from off very quickly during the day.

            Health Benefits

At the very least, even the sugar filled ones give you energy all the way up to lunch time. Most have vitamins, minerals and iron. Many have oils, grains, nuts, seeds and/or oats. They help you keep your bowels regular, and most fortify you with the nutrients you need, which means you can sneak away and spend your dinner money on donuts without your health suffering too much.

Fourteen studies across the USA, Greece and Spain agreed that 10% of kids who consume breakfast cereals will reach the age of 18 without ever being obese. That rises up to 50% in those consuming breakfast cereals regularly.

2. A Fried Breakfast

Again, this is another shocker. How is fried/scrambled/poached egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, beans and bread going to benefit a student? The major problem with a fried breakfast, and you can check this with any modern food science journal, is having too much. The foods themselves are very nutritious, but too much of this food in one sitting forces your body to work overtime processing the food and storing the fat. Just make sure that if you take a fatty meal in a morning that you prefer something leaner (less fatty) when you get home. Researchers from the University of Alabama, in Birmingham, U.S., found that people who eat a fatty breakfast in the morning, and who stay hydrated during the day, are less likely to overeat and snack during the day.

            Health Benefits

It keeps you full of energy up until lunch. It has several fats and proteins that students need to grow, and the egg is especially good for muscle development. The beans or tomatoes have antioxidants, as well as a slew of vitamins and minerals that all people need. The same Birmingham researchers proved that a fatty breakfast and a leaner lunch actually reduces the chances of heart problems and diabetes in later life.

 3. Pancakes With Fruit

This is not something you should eat every day, but in moderation this is a great food to give yourself in the morning. Fruit alone is no good because you will burn off the sugars very quickly, and the high-water content means you quickly start feeling hungry again. The pancake gives you something to process during the day so you don’t feel hungry too soon. Put fruit on the pancake yourself and sprinkle on honey or sugar.

       Health Benefits

People need their fruit. Many people misunderstand the sugar content of fruits, fruit juices and fruit smoothies. The sugar they contain is called fructose and it is very easy to digest and burn off. Scientists finally started to admit that fructose was okay all the way back in 2017 (first papers published by University of Canberra). On the other hand, sugar from the sugar bowl is glucose, which is good for adults in moderation, but is far harder to digest and burn off.

4. Mini Quiches

This is where you can really make up for what you have missed during the week. Have you not had enough protein, then buy chicken or ham quiches. Have you not had enough greens, mushrooms, or even diary? Then this is where you can make up for it. Make sure the quiches are small since they are less likely to taste bland. There is no need to keep a close eye on all the vitamins and minerals you consume, but you get a fairly good idea of what you are missing when it has been a week of pizza, or vacation food, or funfair food. If you think to yourself, “Gee, we haven’t had that in a while,” then consider sneaking it into a mini quiche.

            Health Benefits

They are what you make them. If you feel you haven’t had enough turmeric this month, or even enough Omega 3, then you can sneak the relevant ingredients into your mini quiches. Just make sure they are flavorful because it doesn’t matter how healthy something is if you then refuse to eat it.

5. Toasted Sandwiches

This is easier if you have a sandwich toaster. Have the bottom slice as white bread, and the top slice as brown bread. Then, you do what you did with the mini quiches: you give yourself whatever you feel you have been missing out on for the last few weeks. The great thing about toasted sandwiches is that you can even sneak things like fish into the mix. You can even mix up the types of sandwiches you make. One can be tuna mayo and sweetcorn, where another can be cheese, ham and a few spices to pep up the meal.

        Health Benefits

This is one of the easiest ways to trick yourself into eating brown bread, so you get all those health benefits. It also allows you to control the vitamins and minerals you consume. If you are creative, you can sneak just about any type of food into your sandwiches, from beef slices to chicken Tikka.

6. Hot Dogs

Only kidding. There is nothing wrong with hot dogs now and again, especially if they are not eaten to excess. But, as a breakfast food they don’t have much to offer. Instead, try meat free alternatives for breakfast. There are many meat-free foods to choose from, and each seem to do certain things very well. For example, the Quorn chicken burgers are amazing, but their version of bacon tastes like kid’s modeling clay. From meat free bacon to meat-free mince pie, if you do not like a certain option, then try others. There are far more alternatives to meat than there have ever been, and many of them are pretty darn convincing when they are mixed in with a breakfast.

            Health Benefits

The key to health is balance. Give yourself a day off from meat proteins, from cereals and from fruit. Give your system a bit of time to reset by trying a meat alternative breakfast. It is tough to say the specific health benefits, but even the most manufactured meat alternatives are loaded with protein, and very few of them have hard-to-digest/filter chemicals. The biggest benefit is that you get a rest from your usual food stuffs, allowing your systems to use up any materials/chemicals/minerals that are building up.

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